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When my brothers and I realized our 91-year-old mother needed special care, I set out looking for individuals to care for her. We had hoped to keep her at home as long as possible, however, a series of seizures landed her at St. Francis Hospital.   Following her hospital stay, our mother required almost 2 months in a rehabilitation facility. The social worker at the rehabilitation facility suggested we look for a nursing home where Mother would have 24/7 attention and care. Not having experience with nursing homes, we were referred to Lori Riley and Safe Harbors for Seniors to assist us with making the right choice for our mom.  Not only did Lori find the right facility for our mom, where Mother made friends and became more socially involved than she would have at home, but Lori also hired individual C.N.A.’s, at our request, to keep our mother company around the clock.  Lori used both private-hire and agency people, so there was never a time when my brothers and I had to worry about our mother being alone. Furthermore, Lori visited our mother at the long-term care facility 3-4 times each month to make certain Mom was happy and well cared for.  Lori took nothing for granted. When Mother was rushed to the hospital from the nursing home in May 2016 after suffering a stroke, Lori was there at the emergency room to meet the ambulance.  She stayed with Mother and her aide until the family arrived. When our mother passed away, all of the aides who had cared for Mother were by her side, along with the family.  Lori Riley was able to coordinate the care our mother needed to make Mother’s last days as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.  I would highly recommend her and Safe Harbors for Seniors.

Miriam (Mimi) Greenberg
Simsbury, CT
August 12, 2016

"As an elder-law attorney, I am consistently faced with the hardships and heartbreaks families face when dealing with transitions associated with aging, dementia, or infirmity. Before Lori, I could only be sympathetic and offer advice and coaching. Now, I can offer them a solution which is both proactive and compassionate.  Lori relates well to my clients. She quickly adapts to the various situations she faces, some of them extremely challenging. She jumps in and gets it done. She has accomplished feats with shut-ins & hoarding clients that I never believed possible. She has turned their lives around. Her sympathetic, but straight-forward approach creates an instant connection with clients, even when she is delivering unwelcome advice and options. They instantly see that she cares, is honest with them about their options - options which they, in their hearts, probably know to be best for them.

It boils down to this, Lori’s company does two things for me: 1.) she takes the pressure off.  Once a client retains her, I no longer worry about them following my advice, following through on their promises; alleviating a potentially dangerous or unhealthy situation; or choosing the best option that both meets their needs and allows them to live as long and independently as possible.  Even if my client never calls her, I can sleep at night knowing that I tried - that I urged them to call Lori and provided them her contact information and business materials. And, 2.) she makes me look good. With no exception, my clients love her and appreciate my referral.  I have also referred Lori’s company to other attorneys who always sing her praises to me.

Aging, infirmity and dementia all take their toll, both on the individuals affected and their families, as extended. It upsets everyday life, a life that has been lived for decades in a certain pattern and with certain independence.  Difficult transitions are neither fun, nor pretty.  They are very upsetting.  In Lori, my clients find a sympathetic advocate who understands these dynamics and carefully weighs a client’s needs, while evaluating all appropriate options. They listen to her. I have involved Lori in some tremendously difficult situations - situations I felt would not end well at all. Lori has handled those remarkably well.  I am surprised she is still talking to me.  You should talk to her."

Andrew E. Kearns, Esq.
Bascetta, Pagani, Kearns & Small, LLC
Wethersfield, CT
July 1, 2015

September 2013. I had only lived in Connecticut for four years and I was facing major surgery. I barely knew all my doctors and certainly was not knowledgeable about the hospital system.

A friend of my son recommended we talk with a friend of his who was starting a new company called "Safe Harbors". The rest is history!!!! I met with Lori Riley and we created a strategy !! She ultimately fulfilled every expectation of that strategy. It was as if an angel had landed in our world of anxiety and stress.

Lori was there during the long first surgery and the second surgery. She stayed with me if my sons needed a break. After my surgeries, she dealt with the hospital about "everything" from an incorrect walker delivery to proper billings.

When it was time for me to move from the hospital to the "rehab" facility, Lori dealt with absolutely everything!!! She had done all the research beforehand to find the right facility for me- which actually changed mid-hospital stay due to the nature of my surgeries. Before my release from the rehab, certain things had to be fixed in my apartment ie, new bath railings etc.---contracted and executed by Lori.

After I finally returned to my apartment, Lori came over to help pick up medicines and drove me to many follow up doctors’ appointments. My boys had spent so much time with me while I was in such critical condition, they were so relieved to have Lori now take off some of the pressure and help me in so many ways.

I have nothing but high praise for Lori and Safe Harbors. I recommend her to anyone and everyone. I am happy to talk to anyone who would like to hear more about Lori and her company!!!

Jane Borden

From: Bonni Horwitz
Date: Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 10:52 AM
To: Lori Riley
Hi, Lori,

I want to convey my sincerest sympathies to you. I know you got to know Evelyn and her family very well. You were an incredible advocate for Evelyn and made sure she had everything she needed to be comfortable. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Bonni L. Horwitz, RN, MSN
Patient Care Coordinator-Sub-Acute Rehab
Hebrew Home and Hospital
West Hartford, CT 06117-1525

Lori Riley and Safe Harbors provided an invaluable service through the entire process of our mother’s passing. She was present through all the stages of our mother’s decline, from the first hospital visit through hospice and her eventual death. She helped navigate the variety of institutions and the different levels of care with a positive demeanor and an unsurpassed knowledge of the pathways in death and dying. With clarity, grace and strength (and a sense of humor!) she was tireless in helping us sift through the details and logistics during our mother’s illness, as well as her wake and funeral services. Her efficient manner and attention to detail were of utmost importance as some of us were living at a distance and needed to make urgent decisions regarding our mother’s condition. It was a comfort to know that she was with our family, providing unwavering support and compassionate care. I honestly don’t know how we would have managed otherwise.Thank you Lori Riley and Safe Harbors for being a bright beacon during a difficult, and sometimes dark, time.

Maria Kelly
Ashland, OR

“Hiring Safe Harbors was the absolute best decision I made while dealing with my mother in a rehab facility. In less than three hours from the time I hired Lori, she was able to obtain all the information on my mother that I had been requesting for 6 days. Safe Harbors determined that my mother was not in the best facility for what was wrong with her. I agreed with their decision and within 24 hours my mother was placed in the perfect facility. Safe Harbors took the ball and ran with it. I could immediately feel the weight of the world coming off my shoulders. The intake specialist at the new facility told me that I had ‘one heck of an advocate for my mother’; I could not have agreed more.”

Diane K. Fisher
Farmington, CT

“When we unexpectedly found ourselves navigating the unfamiliar and daunting world of eldercare, Lori Riley came to the rescue. During a very stressful time, hearing someone say ‘Don’t worry, I can help’ was a huge relief. She carefully vetted all available options, was extremely responsive and accessible, and played a significant role in helping us determine what was best for our situation. We cannot praise Lori enough for her help as a consultant and as someone who reassured us that it would all be okay. As a daughter and granddaughter team, extremely worried about the welfare of mother/grandmother, we still talk about how we made the right decision and how we could not have done it without Lori Riley.”

Lynn Scibelli and Ashley Scibelli
Boston, MA

Safe Harbors
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