The founding of Safe Harbors was inspired by my strong conviction that members of the Senior Population are deserving of respect and support as they experience declining physical and/or cognitive health. With my bachelor’s degree in economics and 15 years of work experience in the healthcare arena, I now am devoted to providing individual assistance to seniors and their families as they navigate the healthcare system and identify continuing care options.

Whether you are in need of immediate assistance or interested in long-term planning, the goal at Safe Harbors is to ease your stress and frustration, saving you time and money, while guiding you through the healthcare transition process. We listen closely to seniors and their families to identify needs and concerns, communicate with healthcare professionals on your behalf, answer questions in easy to understand terms, and facilitate the often difficult conversations among family members who are trying to make emotionally charged care decisions.

As a trusted adviser, who is not affiliated with any particular facility or agency, we will present various alternatives for continuing care including home care, daycare, and residential care settings. We will recommend facilities, programs, and care providers that match your care requirements and your budget, objectively explaining the pros and cons of each option. We provide the information so that you can make the best decision for your family.

 As no two situations are the same, Safe Harbor’s services are offered on an hourly basis, providing clients the flexibility to select the services that best meet their individual needs. We are available by phone or in person for initial consultation at your convenience.


Safe Harbors
Lori Riley, Managing Partner
(413) 433-8802